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Complete your flooring with a beautiful flush stone vent. The absolute finishing touch for any tile floor.

Supply your tile for a perfect match.

Flush vents are easy to install and available in various designs and two standard sizes.

If your duct work is 3" x 10" - Your new vent will finish at a size of 4" x 11".

If your duct work is 4" x 10" - Your new vent will finish at a size of 5" x 11".

This allows for the vent to rest on the sub floor for a seamless flush look.

You must ensure your tile installer is aware of these dimensions before your flooring is installed.

If your tiles have already been installed and you are just discovering our flush vents, check out our TOP MOUNT vents which were designed to fit into standard openings of either 3"x 10" or 4" x 10"

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Made in Canada.